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How will you talk in your head when it happens? You stand before the high council, as they decide your fate. You dressed up in an elegant Klingon costume. Well good for you. You brought your traditional Bat’leth, even better. Yet instead of learning the language, you tried to use a Klingon translator on the go. You weren’t able to type fast enough, and in your hurry, you misspelled a word. Needless to say, the others at the convention were a little bit shocked at your lack of language master. What kind of warrior uses a Klingon translator in person? A Tagh you say? No you don’t because they took away your translator and you don’t even know what that means.

The lesson learned from this, is that despite having computer knowledge, an English to Klingon translator is not the best way to go around speaking. There are three fundamental problems with them:
#1. You have to have one with you at all times to use it effectively
#2. You won’t actually learn the language like you want to
#3. Most of them are incomplete or don’t provide all the words you need

What are some solutions? Make a better translator, if you are a programmer and know the langue ins and outs, you could do this. The problem with that is, if you knew the language that well, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Another half-hearted solution is to keep on using incomplete Klingon translators, but you know where that got you in the first place. The third solution is different, actually learning the Klingon language. There are many resources out there to help you learn this real living language. Developed by a language expert, it is something you can use to connect with others. The next time you see others, you may not look quite like a Klingon because the smile on your face. When you are speaking fluently, you may even become head of a house, or have a seat on the high council. Let’s face it, a Klingon translator is a fun toy, but if you are serious about being a Klingon of legend, then leave the translator back home on the pc where it belongs and check out these real page for learning Klingon

P.S. Those books and audios are pretty cheap, you may want to get a couple of them to see the different aspects of the language and culture.

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