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Traditional Bat'leth

Traditional Bat'leth

The batleth is the weapon of choice for most Klingons today. Used by Klingon celebrities such as Worf, Gowron and Martok. Commonly used in honorable battles (seen in Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine). The origination of the Batleth is from Kahless The Unforgettable. When used properly this sword acts as an extension of the users arms, a unique fighting style is derived from it. Of all the Klingon weapons, the batleth is the most feared throughout the Alpha Quadrant. We have seen young beginners start their combat training with the batleth (Worf’s son Alexander), so if this is your first Klingon weapon, make sure to use it with honor. The batleth has been used to kill many notable Klingons, such as when Worf used it to kill Duras for revenge.

Heavy Beserker Bat'leth

Heavy Beserker Bat'leth

Heavy Beserker Bat’leth
For the warrior that only has two things on their to do list (killing and celebrating the kill). The Heavy Beserker Bat’leth is a great weapon to satisfy those bloodthirsty Klingon desires. Just remember to drink some blood wine after the battle. A large axe-looking weapon, this bat’leth is for the brute beast this is for real warriors to show their skills in combat. Only for use by real Klingon men.

Made by Kahless The Unforgettable

Made by Kahless The Unforgettable

The Sword of Kahless
Not only the the most famous bat’leth, it’s the most famous weapon in Klingon history. This brought a future generation of batleths in it’s image. To speak on this weapon we have to talk about the story behind it. Kahless received the design for this sword in a dream, then dipped a strand of his hair in lava, cooled it in a lake, then twisted into the batleth. This sword is nearly as legendary as the man who made it. Kahless used the bat’leth to defeat the tyrant Molar. Sadly it was lost for thousands of years when stolen around the 5th century. Thankfully Worf, Kor and Jadzia Dax set out to find it. After fighting their way to the sword, they decided to beam it into space until the Klingon Empire was ready for it. Just make sure you keep this in a place of honor that it deserves when you get it.

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  1. hi

    The batleth has been used to kill many notable Klingons, such as when Worf used it to kill Duras for revenge :)

  2. i have a traditional bat’leth and i am very goo at weilding it

  3. The Sword of Kahless is a real beauty. Remember, Klingons do not take prisoners!

  4. Very Cool Blog!! This will definitely be on my must visit!!

  5. Thinking of changing my human name to M’kel. What about the Mekleth!

  6. This is amazing. I thought that klingon bat’leth are just in the movies. It is really for real. I didn’t know that this is the a sword of honor.

  7. Ablative armor is a material that is designed to protect a ship when the shields are down. It is designed to be destroyed when hit, basically vaporizes to protect the ship.

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  9. I am desperate to buyasowrd of kaylest Batlef. Please someone help, I know someone has a collection and can part with one please please please. I am a true son of Moog, I must have it.

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