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Don’t be mugged down a dark Kronos alley by an unscrupulous Romulan!

You need a way to defend yourself against shady characters, and those who wouldn’t fight you in a face to face battle. There are 4 keys to this:

#1. Walk with confidence
When a would be attacker sees you walking around like a man, they will not wish to engage, since they are not one themselves. If they were as confident in themselves as you are, they wouldn’t need to attack you in such a way.

#2. Be prepared to defend yourself
Get some training, learn your favorite Klingon fighting style. Also a small weapon that can be carried on yourself is a must in case your attackers are armed.

#3. Go with someone else

Shown here is Phoenix Blade (similar to Daqtagh)

Shown here is Phoenix Blade (similar to Daqtagh)

It is hard for attackers to contain more then one person. Especially if they are Klingon warriors. So it can be a good idea to get another Klingon to go with, when you go down shady alleys.

#4. If you are attacked…
Make sure they regret it.

The solution goes like this…

#1. Walk with confidence solution:
This results from a couple things. Feeling good about yourself is the big one. If you walk down a dark alley and see that shady character, and you have a way to defend yourself, you may also project a confidence that they won’t want to mess with. So feel good about yourself and have a way to defend yourself.

#2. Be prepared to defend yourself solution:
If you decide to learn a Klingon martial arts…great! There are also weapons available, a good choice may be the Daqtagh, it is the traditional small Klingon blade you have seen before. Used for close in battles, easily concealable. The most standout feature is the two small blades that pop-out from the sides of the Daqtagh. If that shady person sees this blade, they will remember it for a long time. Don’t be jumped by dishonorable Romulans without one.

#3. Go with someone else solution:
Make some Klingon friends, join some social clubs. Facebook is a great way for Klingons to connect as well.

#4. If you are attacked…solution
Yeah, the Daqtagh does a good job of making sure the shady person regrets it.

What we have learned…
Learn some Klingon martial arts, get some Klingon friends or get a Daqtagh! There are several Klingon weapons available online, if you decide to buy a Klingon weapon, make sure to read this article first:
How To Buy Klingon Weapons

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